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May 6, 2017



St. Anthony's Friary Chapel, Taj Gateway & ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru

Jacob & Zenobia also fondly known as JayZ by their friends are two brave souls who decide to have a marathon of a wedding all in one day with church early in the morning, their Nikah at noon and their reception in the evening.

They gave us total freedom with the vision of the decor with a few very clear inputs on colour and general theme. 


The church was simple with whites and lilacs at the entry, alter and pews. We also took care of the offertory, the choir and the ceremony booklets. 

We were asked to make red the colour of the Nikah and keep it Indian. The space had an indoor hall and outer dining area so we had to come up with two concepts tying together red and Indian. For the backdrop we handmade red bangle candle holders with an electric light that hung from a rectangular frame work adorned with green ferns and red roses. 
The centrepieces were similar bangle vases filled with red roses and green fillers. 
The outer open space had a canopy of red cloth overhead to keep out the summer sun that bunched together over a backdrop of green with a bed of red roses.  From the low lying trees with had strings of red bangles, red glass cut lotus and woollen pom poms to create that festive feel. 



The reception was meant to be more formal, rustic and pastel. The entry board was a mirror with the couples' name. The guests were given a handmade tambourine to ring the couple in with good luck and cheer. The face of the tambourine was a caricature of the couple that they used for their save the date. These tambourines made the perfect keepsakes. The backdrop was a pale pink stretched fabric with a cascade of ivy and greens with pretty pastel flowers. The couple cut a beautiful cake courtesy Happy Belly Bakes, Bangalore and that set the tone for the rest of the evening that marked the perfect end to the perfect marathon of a wedding day. 

As exhausting as we knew it would be for both them and us the thrill of having it all work out in perfection and unison.




While executing the look we put together for the different events we handmade bangle candle holders and centrepieces, glass cut lotuses, woollen pom poms and tambourine, organised the entertainment, co-ordinated with the make-up artists, the photographer and the transport of main family members all while juggling the logistics that involve having three events on a single day.


Photography Courtesy: Claude Loren

Amanati - Text Logo 1.png
Amanati - Text Logo 1small.png
Amanati - Text Logo 1small.png
Amanati - Text Logo 1small.png
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