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Dec 29, 2017



Manipal County, Bengaluru


These vivacious foodies had the most unique idea of wanting to get married under a tree.

When we met them they told us that they had already found the perfect tree at Manipal County a venue we were already familiar with.

Their brief was simple they want the ceremony to be a reflection of who they are with a blend of both their traditions, a Catholic Malayalee and Hindu Tamil wedding. They were also very keen to have food that people talked about.


Since the tree was meant to take centre stage we light it up by running lines of raw bulbs along the branches of the tree, as the ceremony was to take place at sundown. The main trunk of the tree was decorated richly with flowers to look like they were growing from the ground. The colour theme for the evening was indigo and violet and we hung woollen tassels in these colours from the branches of the tree.


The ceremony was different like none other, they wanted to build an alter with elements of earth, fire, wind, water, fruits, vegetables and flowers and also traditional ceremonial items like the thali, manthrakodi and rings. Since the building of the alter was a key part of the ceremony we hung a swing from the branches of the tree to create an alter. This space doubled as photo booth once the ceremony was over. These elements were to be brought at the being of the ceremony by their near and dear ones followed by the marriage procession, a lighting of the lamp, the elders sharing some wisdom with the couple and an exchange of rings with the vows. The couples friends sang beautifully through the ceremony and it end with a collective prayer and the entire congregation shower blessing on the couple with raw rice.


The reception was filled with fun and dancing with all the trees in the lawn being lit up with lines of raw bulbs along its branches. The dance floor was illuminated with fairy lights to create a starry night. The food was catered by our local favourites, Sharath & James, after sitting with the couple and their family and carefully selecting the menu and going through a food tasting.

On a canvas which had a tree trunk, the guests made little thumb impressions for leaves and left little messages for the couple to cherish for years to come. The couple donated money to various charities in the name of their guests as an alternative to return gifts


This wedding reminded us of why we do what we do and we truly felt a part of the family.


We came up with a new and unique design concept to accommodate getting married under a tree, procured a swing and woollen tassels, organised and presented the elements of the alter and got designed and printed the order of service. We also handled logistics and transport of all the family members to the venue and ensured the caterer and DJ were the best in the business.


Photography Courtesy: Gayatri Ganju

Amanati - Text Logo 1small.png
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