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May 3rd 2021


Ammathi Kodava Samaj, Coorg

This wedding was a one-day celebration held in Coorg, the hometown of Prerana & Achaiah. Although it was a small celebration there was no detail was spared. Prerana was very clear from the beginning that she wanted bright colours incorporated in all the décor for the wedding, so we decided to use turquoise, yellow & white coloured elements for the décor. Since the couple were in the States, we carried out all the planning and ideation keeping in mind the couple’s wishes.

They decided to have the wedding in a samaja but they didn’t want the typical décor, the bride was very particular about having a unique twist to all the décor elements.


For the entrance, circular wooden plaques were used in the arch along with abundant yellow & white flowers and greens. Prerana had been learning a new craft skill known as bargello embroidery technique and she wanted to incorporate it as one of the décor elements. Turquoise, white and green coloured wool was used to make the bargellos, which were attached to baskets and hung from the trees and at the entrance.

Wooden crates and baskets filled with greens and florals were arranged at different positions on either side of the entrance to the hall along with a flower décor for the horizontal second at the top, to give it an aesthetic look.


The mantap was on a raised platform and had yellow floral décor along with a blue backdrop. White flowers were strung together to use as the backdrop along with the blue fabric. The frontal side of the stage was also decorated with some flowers and wooden elements like crates, plaques, baskets and rings were also placed along the stage with yellow and white floral décor. A well which is used to carry out a ritual, that is the ganga pooja, was adorned with theme-coloured florals and greens, with an addition of a basket with bargellos attached to it, and yellow flowers were left to float on the water making it look even brighter.   

Outside the marriage hall, a big wooden frame was placed against the central tree with turquoise fabric running from one edge to the other in a criss-cross manner with greens and yellow flowers. Different shaped baskets with floral arrangements were also placed along the stairs from the tree. This gave the entrance to the hall a livelier and more energetic vibe, which was exactly what we wanted each guest to feel as they entered the marriage hall to bless these two newlyweds.


The bar was decorated with yellow and turquoise fabric with theme-coloured floral décor on the roof of the counter. Yellow and whiite kettles with white flowers and greens, a mason jars filled with orange slices and white flowers, were placed  as a centrepieces, Prerana wanted a unique twist to these simple décor elements, so we decided to use lemons instead of yellow flowers which went well with white flowers giving it a natural and vibrant look..  The guest table had a polaroid camera where guests could take pictures and clip it to a board like a meomory board & a wooden platter for guests to leave their messages for the couple. 




Amanati handled everything from the guestlist and invitations to the décor elements. As the couple was in the US before the wedding our team handled majority of the planning and execution. The bargellos for the baskets were handmade and the variety of baskets were sourced from a local retailer for the décor. We handled the accommodation for the guests & vendors such as the photographers and makeup artists. The team also coordinated with all the vendors for the event, to make sure everything was carried out as planned and the wedding played out just like the couple had envisioned since the second lockdown was implemented five days before the wedding and the entire plan and logistics had to be adjusted overnight.

Photography & Video Courtesy: Vivek Krishnan Photography

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