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Nov 2 & 3, 2019


Panchavati The Pavilion, Kanakapura Road

When two people love each other for exactly who they are then everything and everyone that surrounds them exudes this love and care.

Prashanth and Sitara wanted a traditional wedding but with all the elements of fun and fanfare that reflected who they were as individuals. 

The bride’s family was staying close to Panchavati in a place called Angana, The Courtyard. This is where they had an intimate Haldi ceremony. The central courtyard or angan was decorated with strings of pink and white Carnations keeping the mood happy and light.


The amphitheatre with the Mango trees at Panchavati, was chosen for the Mehendi ceremony. The brief was that the setup must scream colourful and fun.

The theme colours were bright pink, yellow and orange. The steps of the amphitheatre were laid out with diwans, bolsters and cushions in theme colours with large umbrellas in bright colours providing shade to some of these seating arrangements. From the tress we hung ornaments with bangles and wool Tassels of theme colours. In one corner, we had a pushcart with a donut wall, baskets with bangles and a barrel of chilled beer for guests to enjoy while they waited their turn to put on some mehendi. As part of the setup, we had giant Jenga, a knots & cross setup on the lawn and a ring toss game to add to the fun.

The Sangeeth was held on the lawns. Across the lawns and on it’s periphery we strung raw bulbs with warm white light to create a happy yet cost atmosphere. The theme was inclined towards a Moroccan vibe with purple, maroon, blue and gold colours with Moroccan lanterns and floral arrangements in theme colours placed all around. The backdrop was a deep purple fabric with strips of raw bulbs across the framework making it look fun and bright. There were some energetic and lively dances from both sides and they got the bride and groom to play some exciting games to add to the merry of the night. A photo booth with goofy props and little note cards, for the guests to write down their wishes and drop them in a bucket, were setup. We try to keep the guestbook ideas unique to each couple and for Prashant and Sitara, these wishes and pictures will definitely serve as a reminder of the couple’s beautiful wedding and take them on a walk down memory lane.    

The Mehendi ceremony and Sangeeth stood out in this wedding. Unique elements were incorporated in both the ceremonies which received a lot of praise and positivity from not just the couple but also the family members and guests, which is what we, at Amanati, aim for.


The Muhurtham was a more traditional ceremony and the décor was planned to complement their traditions. Traditional colours like red, white and gold were chosen for the ceremony. Different floral arrangements were kept along the pathway to the mandap and around it. The mandap was adorned with white tuberoses & red roses. Brass uralis filled with water & floating petals were kept at the entrance to add a more traditional South Indian aspect. The oonjal and trees at the entrance were decorated keeping in mind the theme with floral arrangements using brass lamps, clay uralis and hanging flowers from the trees.


The décor for the entire wedding was planned & executed by our team. We hand made the props at the Mehendi and sourced all the unique décor elements like the donut wall, the beer barrel and the Moroccan lamps especially for this event. We also handled the accommodation and transportation for the family members to and from the venue and made sure the entire event was memorable leaving no stone unturned.


Photography & Video Courtesy: Light Bucket Productions

Amanati - Text Logo 1small.png
Amanati - Text Logo 1small.png
Amanati - Text Logo 1small.png
Amanati - Text Logo 1.png
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