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Sept 30 & Oct 1, 2017



Balgod Kodava Samaj, Kodagu

This venue was set amongst the beautiful hills of Coorg encapsulated by the monsoon mist making for a stunning view. 


The couple  wanted a traditional Kodava ceremony to be lifted with some classical elements. The colours were to be green, white, yellow and orange. 

The Samaj itself had this old time house feel with red tiles and brick. 

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The backdrop had matted green palm leaves, a bamboo crisscross framework from which yellow marigold and white tube roses hung. The stage was arranged according to tradition. The double door entrance of the hall mirrors the look in the stage. The exterior of the venue was tied together to the theme with strings of yellow and orange marigold, lantern and brass lamps. On the day of the Muhurtham the main entrance had a multitude of brass floor lamps and hanging lamps with brass uralis all adorned grandly with orange and yellow marigold. 

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At the reception, for the cocktail and beer bar we used barrel and step ladders with quirky boards and rustic lights. The centrepieces were little earthen oil lamps.


The Monsoon brought in a great thunderous shower of blessings but we were prepared in every way for the rain.

This wedding transcended aspects of South India with the use of brass in all its ancient and traditional glory.

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The entire look and feel was put together by us for which we sourced all the brass elements, the lanterns, the clay oil lamps and the gunghroos. We also had to plan the layout of the venue based on the weather conditions and the lay of the land.


Photography Courtesy: 1plus1Studio

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Amanati - Text Logo 1small.png
Amanati - Text Logo 1small.png
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