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We could not have asked for better planners.


Thank you for making our wedding all the more vibrant and colourful. Your patient listening, brilliant co–ordination and super cool ideas really added that extra zing. Your simplicity and constant attention to detail will definitely take you'll a long way. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Anushka Achaiah

Bride, Bengaluru

September 27, 2016



You guys made our wedding experience seem almost surreal! The level of detail and thorough approach was very reassuring! They ensured no stone was left unturned in having our wedding just the way we imagined it! We can't thank you enough for ensuring we had the picture perfect celebration!

Rohan Koshie

Groom, Bengaluru

January 4, 2017

Fabulous job done Shilka and Pooja!


It was truly picture perfect - from the decor, to the food, to the littlest details that added the unique 'wow' to the wedding. A true testament to how amazing they were is that the bride, groom and families looked like they were thoroughly enjoying their own wedding.

Rahel Chakola

Friend of the Bride, Bengaluru

January 5, 2017

So glad to have had Amanati be a part of it all!

It’s only been 10 days and I’m already wishing we could do the wedding all over again! A big Thank You to Amanati for playing a large part in letting us have an absolute blast at our own wedding. Pooja and Shilka went all out to ensure the festivities were warm, fun-filled and beautiful –all with wonderful attention to tradition and detail. The decor was just as I had imagined it, subtle and stunning.

By our side through the entire event, ensuring family and friends were involved and seamlessly integrating each ceremony into the next, they pulled it off with charm. Thanks again Amanati.

Grishma Muddappa

Bride, Bengaluru

January 20, 2017

Vibrant and Colorful


I attended a friend's wedding (which you can see under the Love, Dance, Celebrate) and it was made magical by the folks at Amanati. It really brought out the emotions that are associated with Indian weddings! I highly recommend them if you want to make your special day all the more special!

Biron D'Souza

Friend of the Couple, Bengaluru

January 24, 2017

Keep up the great work!!


Thanks to @amanatievents, our day went as smoothly as it did. Was such a relief to have you guys handle everything on the wedding day and do such an amazing job too!!

Zenobia Imtiaz

Bride, Bengaluru

June 14, 2017

Crackers & Marshmallows, Carnations, Logs of Wood, Dreamy white drapes, The Photo Tree, Light Wreaths, Hand written Boards


Shilka and Pooja, thanks for all your efforts and hard work in helping Kranthi and I have the Wedding Ceremony of our dreams.

Both of them are:

1. Patient: Actually super patient! And you need tons of that in the run up to your big day.

2. Creative: Kranthi and I started out with something else and I appreciate how they refined and polished it to perfection!

3. Thoughful: I love how they took the time to understand you as people and suggested great ways of customizing the decor and food to reflect our likes and personalities.

4. Sense of Social Consciousness: I like how you choose to donate flowers and re-usable decor after the wedding to those whose lives this will brighten up!

Thanks again for all the awesomeness! Wishing you guys truck loads of luck and good things.

If you're looking for enthusiastic, involved and creative event planners, this is your answer!

Thanmai Viswanath

Bride, Bengaluru

June 16, 2017

Amanati, you guys are to watch for.


As with this review which is pending for almost exactly a year, I was late to start planning the wedding. As I was trying to juggle a job switch, a city switch in the USA. Amanati took over the wedding planning and meticulously planned the event, the minutest details and added their own creative touches to areas that missed a little charm in the venue. They made a dull venue into a celebratory venue with their work. Not only did the guests not recognize if this was the same venue they had visited earlier for other events, but my family and the in laws loved how personally invested they were with the event. And not to mention they did all this well within a tight budget. I couldn't have been more happy with how it turned out to be. Amanati, you guys are to watch for. Wishing you a successful future, with all your endeavors.

Divya Kinni

Bride, USA

December 15, 2017

Thank you!


It was the most beautiful and idyllic few days and it was everything that we could have asked for and more. Thank you for taking the time out to understand us and what we were looking for. With all the many organisational aspects needing to be  juggled, you guys did it with great elan and calm which was truly commendable - and with a big smile which was truly appreciated :)


Thank you guys once again!

Mariam & Devang

Bride & Groom, Bengaluru

January 10, 2018

God bless!

Thanks, Shilka and Pooja, for all the the help you unstintingly provided! For someone who gets the goosebumps at the thought of entertaining, you guys were a godsend! Grateful for your gracious handholding and amazing execution of all the events.

Savita Eashwar

Groom's Mother, Bengaluru

January 16, 2018

Amanati - Text Logo 1small.png

Kudos to Amanati and Thank you!


Wedding planning, I've discovered, can be one of THE most stressful events that a bride will ever have to manage-first as a bride and later as a parent.They say you need a village to raise a child, well you need an army to plan and execute a wedding.

I needed all the expert help that I could get; my then fiancee and now husband lived in Mumbai,my sibling lived in Chennai, and I have fairly elderly parents whom I couldn't dream of asking them to get overly involved in managing the wedding. Also, the last wedding where my friends got married was nearly a decade ago, so there really were no close friends who could pitch in and help out.I was pretty much on my own.

That's where Amanati came into the picture.

A recommendation from a friend led me to meet Shilka and Pooja. I felt like I had two close friends who understood that I wanted to have a beautiful wedding. We met often to discuss ideas and how to execute it.I particularly loved our Whatsapp group where I'd get updates on the decor ideas were progressing.I relied upon them for managing my Roce, Church ceremony,and wedding reception.

On the wedding day, the greatest relief was knowing that they were there in charge, and not having to worry about having my parents or in-laws scramble about when Murphy's law kicks in.No matter how hard you try to control everything on your wedding day, somethings will get lost in interpretation or go awry because like the weather, you can't control it, and it's best to just make the most of it.That said, everything went well with minor manageable kinks that the two of them graciously handled.

My wedding ceremonies were memorable for my family, and big part of that success goes to Shilka and Pooja. 

Marsha Lewis

Bride , Bengaluru

February 19, 2018




Shilka and her team at Amanati were there to do exactly as much or as little as was needed in every situation to ensure that we didn't have to worry about details. From small things (last minute hair stylist because of a location change) to larger things (nicely themed sangeet despite us not having any preferences) we never felt like we had to deal with logistics ourselves.

The entire experience was also very transparent--options were always provided, we never had to go with pre-selected vendors, and if we didn't want to do something it wasn't included.

Shilka also graciously worked in tandem with our other wedding planners (two families = two wedding planners), never trying to overstep or shirk responsibilities.

Mythili Mittal

Bride, USA

September 21, 2018



We have no words to express our gratitude to Shilka & Pooja for creating lasting memories for us, our families and all our guests.
You girls and your teams were absolutely FANTASTIC! You gave us what we wanted and more....from day one when I met Shilka, I knew we had found the right Wedding Planner for our daughter's wedding. Right from understanding our requirements and brief, to asking right questions, putting thoughts together, identifying reference images relevant to our brief and budget, to execution and girls did it all with such precision and ease. With this team, supervision from our end was zero. Apart from the venue decor, your coordination with all our other vendors was perfect.
We were able to enjoy our daughter's wedding THANKS to Amanati. 
God bless you & Amanati Events. There is no doubt that Amanati will move from strength to strength.

Asha Sridhar

Bride's Mother, Bengaluru

January 2, 2019

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