June 27 & 28, 2018


Bhagvathy, Bangalore

RSI, Bangalore

Prarthana and Prajany fought an uphill battle to get to the point of being married.  After being together for almost ten years they finally started planning their dream wedding. They got excited about every detail and wanted their entire wedding to be unique in every sense. Planning started months in advance first with finding a perfect venue for their wedding. Prajnay found this little bungalow that was designed like an old heritage home and convinced the owner to allow them to have their wedding there.

The first step at hand was picking the perfect invite designs, printing and mailing them.

However one month before their wedding the groom endured a setback health wise putting all preparations to a screeching halt. The go ahead to restart wedding prep came two weeks before the scheduled wedding date. While the couple prepped mentally and physically for their special day we started work in full speed to make sure their every wish came true as life had really given them a second chance and we wanted to ensure that it was one hell of a celebration.

The house needed some work in terms of cleaning and upkeep so we started to get the management working on that. We knew that the Bangalore monsoon would be in all its glory in June so we had to ensure that we had adequately waterproofed the patio, set up a German tent for dinning and created waterproofed walkways from the patio to the dining area.

The rain gods started the evening with their showers of blessing but our months of R&D spent on understanding the property and the effect of rain on it helped us avoid a large number of hurdles.

The entire patio of the old heritage home had garden lighting, Moroccan lanterns and string lights overhead as a chequered roof. We kept all the traditional elements of the house in place and blended them into the decor with flowers in the theme colours of red and white. The portico of the house had strings of white chrysanthemum and red rose hanging atop from the tiled roof and banana stumps along the passage from the ground up.

As you entered the house you could see the central courtyard that was decorated with strings of white jasmine and red roses that blended in with the wooden panelling and pillars. This is where traditional Telgu wedding nuptials took place.

The wedding was to take place in the wee hours of the morning. So we had to ensure the guests were kept entertained and fed through the night. We had women putting Mehendi, a bangle stand and artists singing old movie numbers. We organised tea time snacks, dinner served on a banana leaf and live breakfast counters during the ceremony at 2.30 am.

They had a reception in an Army Institution with a botanical and geometric figure theme. We custom made the figures in various shapes from metal and created installations with flowers in pastel colours.

All in all this wedding proved that love endures all, tested our every skill and made us very happy to be a part of this couples special day.


Played a hands on roll in the design and printing of the invites, we spent days studying the lay of the land and ensuring certain changes and addition were made to accommodated the rain and make sure it didn’t hinder the celebrations, conceptualised and executed the design and decor for the heritage home and the geometric figure installations, planned the entertainment, took care of the guests, their accommodation and transport to all the venues.


Video & Photography Courtesy: Vivek Krishnan

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