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India hosts approximately 2.5 crore weddings every year and this produces an average of 62 tons of carbon dioxide and 400-600 lbs of garbage. Typically, the waste generated is around 2-3 kgs per person. This is usually in the form of food, recyclable waste from disposables, paper/plastic waste from decoration and flowers, which are the most beautiful part of a wedding and the most wasteful.


As celebratory as weddings are, they typically don't do the environment many favors.

You believe in living an eco-conscious and sustainable life each and every day, and your wedding day should be no exception. The good part is that it is possible to have an eco wedding without giving up on the opulence!


At AMANATI, we offer all our clients the option of going green and making your day even more special!

  1. Find an Eco-friendly Location: Plan your wedding at a beautiful outdoor location where you can use the natural surroundings that mother Earth provides as a backdrop for your beautiful day. The natural flora and fauna provide the most mesmerizing decorations.

  2. Invitations: Who says wedding invitations and save-the-dates have to be printed? Going paperless can be a great way to save money, and email-wedding invitations can be just as creative and personalized. However, if you still prefer posting invites, opt for a wide array of environment friendly invites such as seed paper or plantable invites that not only prevents wastage but also adds to improving the earths depleting green resources.

  3. Flowers: Most brides want beautiful flowers to make their venue décor look enchanting but its also possible to lessen the impact of its usage on the environment.

    • You can buy flowers from a local florist. This enables the empowerment ofsmall-medium sized businesses.

    • Go Organic! You can use flowers that are in-season so that farmers do not use harmful chemicals and pesticides to force the bloom of exquisite flowers

  4. Plastic Free: You can also replace the use of plastic products e.g. any form of cutlery or crockery used for food and water, with eco-friendly replacements.


We have partnered with HasiruDala Innovations, a not for loss, for benefit social enterprise, that was born with the idea of enhancing waste collectors lives. They work with close to 10,000 waste collectors in the city and are constantly looking for opportunities to provide them with predictable and respectable jobs.

  • HasiruDalaalong with AMANATI does a complete assessment of the venue so as to understand the level of waste that will be generated from various sources.

  • They assess the schedule of events, number of guests and materials being used.

  • A plan of action for waste disposal during and post the wedding celebrations is developed and shared among all stakeholders.

  • A reasonable cost is attached to the service which goes towards the organizations effort in enhancing the lives of the less privileged.


While we plan your perfect day, we also ensure that 90% of the waste generated is deviated away from landfills. 

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