Sept 11, 2016



Mysore Kodava Samaj


Our first wedding was close to home.


While trying to understand the vision for our first couple's wedding, what sang through was the bride's fondness for pastels and that she wanted to have palm parrots as a key part of the decor. 

The bride's sister also was keen to have inputs about the design idea for the mantap. Keeping in mind the wooden panelling and large pillars on the mantap, we created a design that allowed us to use the wooden panels to an advantage instead of covering them up with drapes as is usually done at this venue. We used strings of white tube roses bordered with light pink chrysanthemums to create a drape like design around the pillars. This was combined with green palm parrots used to accentuate throughout. We got these parrots specially made from a handicrafts place near Coimbatore and brought them to Mysore. 


For the rest of the decor, we used an earthy theme and incorporated the colours of the wedding, a combination of shades of pink and white. There was a long flight of stairs leading up to the main hall. To highlight the clay uralis we used, we set up each of them on a brick of pink roses. When you looked at them from the first step or individually, they looked really striking and uniform.

The highlight of the wedding was the photo booth which was the first of its kind for the families and the community. We recycled old wooden vegetable crates to set the stage for the picture taking and had props like pig snouts, double barrel guns and handle bar moustaches, all elements unique to the Kodava community.


At the more intimate ceremony, we put out a puzzle of a picture of the couple at their engagement and got their close family and friends to sign wishes on the puzzle pieces. The couple had this framed and it now hangs in their room.


Doing this wedding was truly special. We had our family all hands on deck helping us execute our ideas, and this only solidified all the reasons why we love what we do.


Once we had a vision for the decor we sought to find locl artisans that would be able to make the palm parrots for us. We also went to local pottery artisans to procur the clay uralis for the stairs. For the photo booth we sourced the wodden crates from vegetable vendors and painted them, we handmade the jute balls and the props to introduce a completely new idea to a traditional wedding.

Photography Courtesy: Shalini

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