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Dec 1, 2018



Groom’s Home in Ulsoor, Bengaluru

Ever so often we come across a couple who wants to keep their wedding simple and intimate. When Anirudh & Priyanka told us that they wanted to have under a 100 people at their wedding and wanted to get married in Anirudh's home we were excited at the idea.


The groom’s home is a typical old Bangalore home in the heart of the city with a sprawling courtyard filled with trees. The bride wanted to keep things traditional and shared with us a few reference images of what she was looking for. From the brief we understood that the decor was meant to be earthy with element of clay, coconut leaf, banana stumps and flowers. We decided to use the colours white, orange, yellow and green with jute cloth as the fabric for the food canopy and furniture.


For the main mantap we used the existing three brick pillars to hang string of cascading white tube roses, along with a brass bell/lamp in the middle. At the base between the pillars we had banana stumps and coconut leaves beautifully decorated in the traditional South Indian temple way. Around the courtyard we used strings of marigold, chrysanthemum and tube roses hanging from the branches of the trees. Hanging from some tree branches were bells of different mediums such as brass, clay and flowers. The central lawn space had brass uralis and a Ganesha facing the entrance all decorated with the flowers in the form of a rangoli. The main house had its pillars decorated with bands of marigold and the edge of the tiled roof with typical South Indian temple coconut leaf thoran.


The wedding though casual, was intimate and personal with their families and dogs being an integral part of the day and for us this goes done in our books as the direction Indian weddings may the in the future.​


While executing the look we put together for the different events we handmade bangle candle holders and centrepieces, glass cut lotuses, woollen pom poms and tambourine, organised the entertainment, co-ordinated with the make-up artists, the photographer and the transport of main family members all while juggling the logistics that involve having three events on a single day.


Photography Courtesy: Ankit Singh

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